Managing Users Groups Roles Templates
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  1. How do I create a new group?

To create a new group, click the "New Group" button in Groups. In the pop up window type a name for the group (required) and a description (optional). In the "Members" tab you can add or remove users from the group. When you have finished, click the "Save and close" button.

  1. Can I add a user to both "Administrators" and "Support Representatives" groups?

Yes, you can add one user to multiple groups. When new users are added, they are assigned to "All Users" group by default and can never be removed from that group.

  1. How can I edit an existing group?

Click on a group name to open a window where you can edit the name, description and members of the group.

  1. How do I create a new user?

To create a new user, click the "New User" button in Users. In the pop up window fill in the user data. Required fields are: User Name, Password and E-mail. When creating a new user, you can assign him or her to a group and/or a role.

  1. How can I import users from an external source?

You can import users from:

Importing from the File

When importing from a file you must specify the following fields:

<translation version="1">
<translate from="FIRSTNAME" to="FirstName"/>
<translate from="LASTNAME" to="LastName"/>
<translate from="USERNAME" to="UserName"/>
<translate from="PASSWORD" to="Password"/>
<translate from="TITLE" to="Title"/>
<translate from="EMAIL" to="Email"/>
<translate from="WEBPAGE" to="WebPage"/>
<translate from="TELEPHONENUMBER" to="TelephoneNumber"/>

Importing from Active Directory

When importing form Active Directory you must specify the following fields:

        (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=User)(givenname=*)(sn=*)(mail=*)(sAM Accountname=*))
<translation version="1">
<translate method="AddDomainPrefix" from="sAMAccountname"
<translate from="sn" to="LastName"/>
<translate from="givenname" to="FirstName"/>
<translate from="mail" to="Email"/>

If the “AddDomainPrefix” attribute is present, then the DOMAIN_NAME\ prefix will be added in front of the column strings, in this case: UserName. So every UserName will be imported in this form: DOMAIN_NAME\UserName. The

DOMAIN_NAME needs not to be defined but is detected automatically.

  1. How do I create a new role?

There are five fixed roles in Polar Help Desk Light. They are: System, Administrator, Support Representative , Service User and Advanced Service User. It is not possible to add a new role. You can change the names and descriptions of the existing ones, but you cannot edit their permissions. (jel ovo tocno ili jednostavno ne radi botun "new role" i te stvari jer programeri nesto probavaju?)

  1. How do I create a new incident template?

To create a new incident template, click the "New Incident Template" button in Templates. In the pop up window fill in the data to suit your needs. To edit an existing template, click on its name.