What Are Incident Templates
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Incident templates are used by Help Desk personnel while creating new incidents. When registering an incident, a member of Help Desk staff may use existing incident templates with predefined fields:

- Incident Title (defining title for the new incident)

- Service User (person who raises an incident)

- Incident Status (defining initial status of the incident)

- Incident Priority (defining initial priority of the incident)

- SL (which is associated with the incident)

- Incident Category (defining status of the incident)

- Incident Origin (defining origin of the incident)

- Incident Closure Classification (defining closure classification of the incident)

- Assignment to Group (to which incident will be assigned to)

- Assignment to User (to which incident will be assigned to)

You can also add attachments to a template. The attachment will be added to any incident created from that template.

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Incident templates can significantly shorten the time needed to report the incident. Incident templates could only be created by Administrator users.