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Can I Open A New Incident From An Xml File

Polar Help Desk allows you to open a new incident simply by copying an xml file in the directory defined in this tab (XML File Automation Directory filed). The scheduler periodically checks if there are new files in the XML File Automation Directory and creates new incidents or edits existing incidents according to the content of that file. When a new incident is open or edited, the xml file is deleted if possible. If the file can not be deleted, the scheduler “remembers” which files it has processed. The XML file has to be in the following format:











By copying xml file to the XML File Automation Directory you can perform the following actions:

1. Register New Incident. To do this you must specify <IncidentTemplateID> or <IncidentTemplateName>. <IncidentID> field must be left empty.

1. Edit Existing Incident. To do this you must specify <IncidentID>. In this case incident templates will not be used but the incident fields will be changed.

<Incident Data> nod can contain the following incident fields:

- Title

- Service User ID

- Service User

- Incident Status ID

- Incident Status Name

- Priority ID

- Priority Name

- Group ID

- Group Name

- Assignee ID

- Assignee

- Closure Classification ID

- Closure Classification Name

- Service Level ID

- Service Level Name

- Incident Category ID

- Incident Category Name

- Incident Origin ID

- Incident Origin Name

If for example both GroupID and GroupName are specified in the xml, GroupID has priority over GroupName. This rule applies to all incident fields available, inciluding Incident Templates.

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What is an Incident?



Create an xml file (the name on the actual file on the disk is not important but the extension of the file must be *.xml) containing xml content below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


<IncidentTemplate>Default Incident Template</IncidentTemplate>


<Title>Incident Number 1</Title>




To test this Polar Help Desk feature, copy an xml file to the XML File Automation Directory and then force scheduler (see section Scheduler Settings). After this action is performed, the new incident should be registered in Help Desk and the xml file should be deleted from the XML File Automation Directory. To edit the incident you have just registered, copy a new xml file containing IncidnetID (let us say the IncidentID for the incident we have just created is 35) in the XML File Automation Directory:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>




<Title>Incident Number Changed</Title>




Force the scheduler and the Incident Title for that particular incident will be changed.