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2/10/2008 2:57:49 PM
4/5/2008 10:39:15 PM
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EDMS Polar Help Desk


What is Polar Help Desk?


What are the licensing options for Polar Help Desk?

What is concurrent licensing model?

How do I change the license key?


If I use Polar Help Desk, are all my incidents going to be visible to everyone and anyone?

Are my clients' email addresses also visible and open?

Can I hide some or all incidents to keep them private?

Can incidents in my help desk be searched via search engines such as Google or Yahoo etc.?

Should I require a consent from my users to use their submissions (data in the incident) publicly?

Ownership Rights

After agreement termination what happens with the data regarding the ownership rights?

Can I have a back-up copy of the database if I cancel the service?

What about the content of ownership rights?

Future improvements

Will there be any future improvements?