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How Do I Create A Business Unit

Only Administrator user can create Business Units.

You can create a new business unit by clicking “New Business Unit” button under “Business Unit” tab on Administration Desktop. To create new Business Unit you must define a Business Unit Name (which is a required filed) and other fields you find necessary. In “Members” tab you can add service users to this business unit. If the chosen user already has a business unit defined, he will no longer be a member of that business unit, but a new one to which we just assigned him to.

Business Units have tree structure, which means they can have their child business units. Under “Child Business Units” tab you can add a business unit a child business unit. Under “SLA” tab you can add this particular business unit an SLA for a particular service. If the business unit does not have a SLA defined for certain Service, service users who are members of this business unit can only get support using default level of service (which is by default set to a lowest level of service).

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