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3/30/2008 2:16:39 PM
3/30/2008 2:16:18 PM
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Working With Webchat

Chat status



How do I access chat transcipts?

How do I sign on as supporter?

How does chat system assign customers to supporters?

Can I know from what chat widget customer is talking, from what page?

Can I change message notification sound?

Can I control the volume of notification sound?

Can I turn off the notification sound?

Can I have a group chat with multiple customers at the same time?

Can I switch a customer to another supporter?

How can I see who else of supporters is online?

What is the meaning of life?

Can I chat with other supporters as well?

How can I save my conversation?

How can I turn the conversation into new incident on Help Desk?

Will conversation be saved even if one side gets disconnected in the middle of it?

Where can I find my finished conversations?

Can I maximize web chat to it's own, separate page?

Can Web Chat pup up on my screen when new message arrives?

How secure are the messages traveling between supporters and customers?

Can I encrypt messages?

Can I send a single message to multiple customers at once?

How do I put a Web Chat widget in my web page?

How do I connect Web Chat widget to Help Desk?

Can I connect single Web Chat widget to multiple Help Desks?



Can I send pictures or files through Web Chat?

Can I send HTML through Web Chat, will HTML be executed just like a web page?

What are keyboard shortcuts for using Web Chat?

Will Web Chat collect and send my private data?

Should I send private or important data over Web Chat?