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Welcome to the official Polar Help Desk 5 online help.

Help is designed in order to facilitate first steps, as well as to assist with advanced functions of Polar Help Desk 5 software. It is structured in the form of questions and answers. Questions are divided into different categories, depending on the software functionality. After the answer you will see the list of topics that may also be of interest to you, as well as some helpful tips.

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Introduction to Polar Help Desk Software
About Polar Help Desk 5
Getting Started with Polar Help Desk 5
Incident Management
About Incidents Viewing and Sorting Incidents
Creating Incidents Working With Incidents
Incident Priority and Priority Escalation Deleted Incidents
Incident Histories and Deleted Incidents Histories
Work Order Management
About Work Orders Viewing and Sorting Work Orders
Creating Work Orders Working with Work Orders
Deleted Work Orders Work Order Templates
Deleted Work Order Templates Work Order Histories and Deleted Work Order Histories
User Management
About Users Viewing and Sorting Users
Creating and Importing Users Modifying and Deleting Users
Deleted Users User Templates
Contacts Management
Viewing and Sorting Contacts Creating and Modifying Contacts
Deleted Contacts Contact Templates and Deleted Contact Templates
Accounts Management
Viewing and Sorting Accounts Creating and Modifying Accounts
Deleted Accounts Account Templates
Teams Management
Viewing and Sorting Teams Creating and Modifying Teams
Deleted Teams Team Templates and Deleted Team Templates
Documents Management
Viewing and Searching Creating and Modifying Documents
Deleted Documents Namespaces and Deleted Namespaces
Polar Help Desk Administration
Role Management ServiceManagement
Service Level Management Service Level Agreement Management
Incident Origin Incident Categories
Active Directory Import Schema Email Accounts Management
Email Templates Email Notifications
Language Management Help Desk Settings
Scheduler Licenses Management
URI Resources and HTTP Methods in Roles and API