Role Management
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In your organization help desk can be used by different people with different access permissions. Role Management allows you to set levels of access for different application users; to define a group of users and treat them as a one single unit. It helps you manage authorization, which enables you to specify the resources that users in your application are allowed to access and tasks they can perform at once.

Role management in Polar help desk is based on two Business Unit Types - Accounts and Teams. Accounts are people (Contacts) outside of your business that use help desk application to ask for support, while Teams are units inside organization that provide support services (Users) and take care about support management (Administrators, Managers, System User, etc)

What is a Role? Who is responsible for Roles?
How many different roles a company can have? What types of roles can be granted to users?
How can I view existing roles? How can I sort roles?
How can I create a new role?
How do I set permissions for a role?
How can I modify an existing role? Can I copy settings from one role to another?
Can I delete a role? How do I add teams to a role?
How can I add accounts to a role? How can I delete/remove accounts from a role?
How can I add new team to a role? How can I delete/remove team from a role?