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Accounts Management

Account is an organization or a group of people who are using the customer service support i.e. to whom support is provided. Also, Account can be the buyer of customer support services.

Account is a group of Contacts and:

  • has Account name and e-mail address
  • can have web site address, main phone, fax, and other phone number
  • uses one language
  • can be granted with one or many Roles

Each Account can have one or more member, named Contacts, and one Contact can be a member of one or more Account.

Viewing and Sorting Accounts Creating and Modifying Accounts
How can I view Accounts? How can I create a new Account?
How can I sort Accounts? Who is an account member? How can I add a new one?
How can I delete members from an Account?
How to assign a Role to an Account?
How can I delete an Account?
Deleted Accounts
How can I view deleted accounts?
How can I restore a previously deleted account?