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5/18/2015 2:59:38 PM
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Common FAQ After Installation

I want the site to be at the root of its own virtual directory. How can I set up it?

If you need install PHD to root of your subdomain http://helpdesk.example.com/helpdesk/ you need:


After you log in PHD, click on Administration menu and go to Settings.

Once there, scroll down to Help Desk Instance Management section.

Here you can manage what URL's is help desk accessible from.

Instead http://helpdesk.example.com/helpdesk

you need set:


Click Save button on top of form.


Open MS SQL Server management, open for edit "InstanceConfiguration" table in Helpdesk database.

Change "URL" field to http://helpdesk.example.com and delete all other row if exist

Make sure you have only one Polar Helpdesk database on your SQL server.

If during your testing, you created any additional databases, please delete them.

Here is details instruction with gif and image

  • Open MS SQL Server management, open Helpdesk database open Tables
  • click left rigt mouse button at dbo.InstanceConfiguration
  • from menu chose Edit Top 200 Rows
  • in right part of MS SQL Server management,will be opened table for edit fileds
  • edit/change "URL" field to http://helpdesk.example.com and delete all other row if exist
  • just close it and will be saved
  • you can check it again on same way is it saved corretly


In your Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, for http://helpdesk.example.com select the folder where your Polar help Desk files were copied.

Restart the IIS if needed.

If you've done all that what is prescribed above, you need connect to you admin account over this link


NOT this link:


How can I change login URL and welcome message?

You can change login URL and welcome message over these steps:

  • Go to Administration menu -> Settings
  • Click in "Welcome Message" and change HTML source code.

How can I change and insert license key?

For change and insert license key you need press Save button after you insert key

Refresh web browser and see is if 1 milions named licenses showed.

If you have problem try this steps:

a) stop SQL server (over "SQl" Manager)

b) restart IIS server

c) start SQL server

What file(s) do I change to edit this footer throughout?

You have full source code and you can change all you need. This is a very easy, you just need change a few aspx files.

a) go to "Desktops\ folder" and change Login.aspx.

b) go to "Desktops\Controls" folder and play with Footer.ascx.

Please make backup first.

I would like four of "contacts" to see ALL tickets from their organization, but only be able to edit the ones they ve created and other configuration arround roles How can I setup it?

You can done it with role at some of account (organization, company of contacts)

All about role can start learn at help:


What Is a user role:


Role is managed over REST (POST, GET, PUT, DELETE) permission at some URL or URL template:


You can see all URL and possible permission at URL with short description here:


Please be very, very, careful with change permission in role.

How can I customize some of the email templates?

For email templates, here is the variables definitions:


Is there any alternate mobile version of the HTML or mobile app available?

We do not special mobile version of application but you have API over which you can access to application.

Here is API definition:



External Resoruces

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