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Contacts Management

Contact is a person that has a problem or has detected an issue and needs help to resolve it. Contacts are your customers and end-users that are looking for help.

Contact is responsible for reporting incidents if and when they occur. In order to help support representatives to resolve an incident in the easiest and fastest possible way, the should describe it with as much details as possible.

Number of Contacts in your system is unlimited and does not depend of the number of purchased licenses since they do not have to obtain license before asking for support. They are using application for free.

Contact is a member of Account, it can be registered Contact or Anonymous. Every registered Contact has its own login information and unique e-mail address.

Viewing and Sorting Contacts Creating and Modifying Contacts
How can I view contacts? How can I create a new contact?
How can I sort contacts? How can I assign a contact to an Account?
How can I modify a contact information?
How can I delete a contact?
Can I have my contacts register themselves?
What if a contact forgot his password?
Deleted Contacts Contact Templates and Deleted Contact Templates
How can I view deleted contacts?
How can I restore a previously deleted contact?