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Email Accounts Management

Administration > Email Accounts

Email accounts are used for two-way email flow:

  1. email communication between a user and a contact regarding an incident,
    1. emails are tied to the incident by incident ID in the subject
    2. received email updates incident conversation
    3. each team can choose their email account
  2. new emails get converted to new incidents if you set so
    1. you set that by choosing email automation mode for that email account
    2. new incidents can be assigned to the team/user you set, or be given any other predefined values
  3. email notifications are sent to users/contacts, those can be sent on any event you choose
Email Account Settings
What is an Email Automation Mode? How can I modify an Email Account?
How do I set predefined values for automatically created contacts? How do I set predefined values for incidents converted from emails?
How can I view Email Accounts? How can I create a new Email Account?
How can I delete/remove an Email Account?