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How Can I Configure SQL Server 2005


In order for Polar Help Desk to work, SQL Server must be configured to allow user that ASP.NET uses (NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE) has full access to all SQL databases.

Here is how you do it manually:

  1. Start SQL Management Studio (Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio) and click "Connect" to connect to your SQL server
  2. Expand "Security", Expand "Logins"
  3. Check if user "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE" is already there, if so double click it and skip next 2 steps
  4. Right click on "Logins" and click "New Login"
  5. Under login name write "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE"
  6. Click "Server Roles" and check "sysadmin". This grants the user full rights.
  7. Click "OK" button, close the SQL Management Studio

Additional steps which may be required, depending on how SQL is configured:

  1. Open Server properties and go to Permissions section.
  2. What you should see is a list of windows users and roles, among who should also be "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE".
  3. Select "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE" and explicitly grant it permissions to connect to and create databases.

Create Database Manually:

Create a database in SQL manager and run these two scripts that can be found in the Setup folder, where you have installed Polar Help Desk.


Now that the database has been created:

  1. When the web application starts, it will search all the SQL servers for valid Polar Help Desk databases and read the "InstanceConfiguration" table from these databases. Our next step is to let Polar Help Desk web application know what database it will use for our Help Desk.
  2. Open the database table called "InstanceConfiguration". In "InstanceConfiguration" table, under column Url write the url of your Help Desk. Example of this url is "http://localhost/helpdesk/".
  3. Make note that the url you enter is the url you use to access the Help Desk through your browser. Also, note that the url you enter needs to end with "/".

Configure Help Desk to use remote database

Replace helpdeskConfiguration in your web.config file with the xml below. This file can be found in the root of the Polar Help Desk virtual folder.

                <scheduler enable="false" interval="4"/>
                <database autodetect="false"/>
                        <instance url="http://localhost:5650/phd" connectionString="data source=(local)\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=SSPI;database={0};" database="fdfs">
                                <!--<shadow path="shadow1/" database="aas"/>-->

You will have to update the URL, the database name and the connection string. Connection string needs to target your remote server. Note that {0} must remain intact.


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