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How do I create a new Service Level?

Only Administrator user can create new Service Levels.

To create a new Service Level click Create New button on the left side, choose Admin Items and then Service Levels. A screen with a form will appear. Enter all information and then click Create. You can adjust the following parametres:

  1. Service level name: fill in the Service Level name
  2. Operation time: to adjust the time when the Service will be available, fill in the table in this tab; you can choose the days and the times for every day. Settings in this tab allow you to set the days and hours when the incident escalation should apply, and to set the specific days on which the escalation does not apply. Blocked dates are typically used to designate holidays. These settings should be updated every year.
  3. Setting hours of operation: By checking the days in the week you can decide to which days the incident escalation. applies. Working hours are the hours between “Starts At” and “Ends At”.
  4. Adjusting a blocked date: To add a blocked date click “Choose Blocked Date” button and a calendar is displayed. Select a date and click OK. Selected date is in the blocked date list. If you want to remove a blocked date, select the date in the blocked date list you want to remove and click “Delete” button. The deleted date will disappear from the list.
  5. Priority Escalation:Every incident can be connected with a certain priority. This tab allows you to determine how long an incident will stay within a certain priority pool. Moreover, every change in the incident status will be notified to the selected user. You can adjust the latter feature in the boxes beside every priority adjustment section.

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If new Service Level is not visible immediately after creation, click the Refresh button and it should appear.