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How To Install PHD Software

Before you begin installation, make sure that you have Microsoft SQL and Microsoft IIS installed. For details, please check out our requirements page.

After you download the software from our website, start the installation process by clicking on setup.exe file. The installation will start. You will be asked to choose a folder/place on your computer where the files will be copied, name of the virtual IIS folder and the database name.

Installation application will perform these steps:

  1. Create the destination folder and extract all files.
  2. Run InstallationFolder/Setup/IISSetup.exe application which will help you configure the Microsoft IIS and Microsoft SQL.
  3. Open the newly configured website using your default browser.

If all steps have completed without error, you will be looking at the Polar Help Desk installation web page.

Installation page will then ask you to:

  1. Select which SQL server you wish to use, if multiple SQL servers were detected.
  2. Enter what name you wish to use for your new database or upgrade an existing database to the latest version.


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