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Introduction To Polar Help Desk 5 Software

Get a quick and complete overview at Polar Help Desk 5 in a Nutshell or please choose a topic of your interest here:

About Polar Help Desk 5 Requirements and Installation
What is Polar Help Desk 5 software? What are system requirements?
Who should use Polar Help Desk 5? How do I install PHD software?
What are the main Polar Help Desk 5 features? How to set up PHD manually?
What are the Polar Help Desk 5 benefits? How can I remove PHD?
Can I try a demo or download a trial version? How can I upgrade to PHD5?
What are major changes in Version 5?
What are customization options?
In what languages is Polar Help Desk 5 software available?
Getting Started With Polar Help Desk
How can I register to help desk?
How can I log in?
I forgot my password. Can I retrieve it?
How do I contact a Polar Help Desk 5 representative?