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Polar Help Desk 5 Features

The Polar help desk 5 features are:

Helpdesk Incident Management - register incidents, track them, search for incidents, track history, priority settings, incident routing and assignment, etc..

E-mail Management - e-mail notifications, automated converting e-mails to incidents and user registration, full support for html e-mails etc.

SLA and Service Level Management - customizable notification rules and hours of operations, automated incident escalations, etc.

Active Directory integration - integration with existing user accounts, importing users from a file..

Work Order Management - assigning work orders to incidents,

Integrated Knowledge base - integrated with incidents, WYSIWYG editor options, easy publishing and searchable knowledge base

Real time reporting - real time monitoring help desk and personnel performance, charting, etc.

Language Management - customized for every user or account, possibility to add your own language

Customization Options - RESTful API protocols and standard data flow over JSON data format used in version 5 will give you more flexibility in integration processes

ITIL Ready - built-in ITIL workflow helps you implement best support practices

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