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Reports were working but now I get a java script error, what to do?

This has to be satisfied in order for Reports to function properly:

  1. At Administration / Settings under Report User there should be a user chosen.
  2. This chosen user has to be in a team which is in Administrator Role.
  3. This user has to have a TOKEN generated.

The best and most secure solution is to have a user which is used by the system only for the purpose of generating reports and nothing else.

You should then have a team called e.g. report.team and a user with user name e.g. report.user with these settings:

  1. report.user is in a team report.team and not in other teams and has TOKEN.
  2. report.team is in Administrator Role and is not assignable.
  3. report.user is chosen to be Report User in Settings.

For example, if you would like to create them from scratch, here is how it could go:

1. Create New > User

Username : report.user

click Generate TOKEN

click Create and Redirect

2. see if this user is already placed in a team

click on that team

remove report.user from members list

click Save

3. Create New > Team

Title : report.team

uncheck "assignable" check box

add report.user as a member

click Create

4. Administration > Roles

click on Administrator Role

add report.team in the bottom and click Save

5. Administration > Settings

place report.user in the Report User field

click Save.

TOKEN will be used by the system to generate reports, team is not assignable so it will not appear in a list when you are viewing an incident and trying to assign it to a team.