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Service Level Agreement Management

A Service Level Agreement (short observations - SLA) is the contract between you and your customer defining Service Level that will be provided. After it is signed or accepted, the SLA must be treated as the reference document for relations with the customer in all aspects of the delivery of the agreed services. It is therefore essential that it clearly define the essential aspects of the service, such as their description, availability, quality levels, recovery times, etc.

The Service Level Agreement actually connects the Service and the Service level so the receiver gets the requested service.

In Polar Help desk, 5 Service Level Agreements are used to assign a particular service and a level of service to particular Accounts. Every SLA is defined by one name, description, one Service and one Service Level. One particular Account (customer or customer business unit) can have only one Service Level Agreement for one particular service.

If a business unit does not have a SLA defined for a certain service, it is always assigned the default level of service (which is by default set to a lowest level of service).

How can I view Service Level Agreements? How do I create a new Service Level Agreement?
How do I modify Service Level Agreement data? How can I delete/remove Service Level Agreement?
How do I add a new Account to an existing SLA? How can I remove an Account from a SLA?
Can I have one SLA for more Accounts?