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Service Level Management

Service Level defines:

- Levels of service based on days and hours of service availability.

- Priority Escalations

It determines the quality and level of a Service provided for a particular incident. More specifically it is the way support is provided for a Service. In Polar Help Desk, the Service Level is determined by Service Level Agreement which contains e.g. the notification settings or the support provision work time. Every incident has a Service Level, set at default, if not designated otherwise.

Service level management monitors an actual support quality and performance against the targets set in the Service Level Agreements. It ensures the quality of services and, from users and customers’ perspective, Service Level management is a value added.

Service Level (SL) Management in Polar Help Desk allows defining different Service Levels which are associated with incidents when incidents are registered.

Service Level encapsulates:

- Levels of service based on days and hours of service availability.

- Priority Escalation Time Limits. It is necessary to define a set of rules for the escalation of the priority of the incidents the SL is associated with. These rules are defined in terms of the SL time limit necessary for the incident to increment its priority (for example the time necessary for the incident to change its priority from low to medium).

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