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What Are Major Changes In Version5

The major difference between Polar Help Desk 5 and Polar’s previous releases is in software architecture and protocols used.

Polar Help Desk 5 uses RESTful API protocols and standard JSON data format that will give you more flexibility in organizing and integrating your support processes with internal business operations.

A brief list of other major changes includes:

  • integration of incident and email management
  • manage email flow with multiple email accounts
  • powerful and completely customizable permissions for every user
  • interactive API interface for widgets and developers
  • clean URLs (URL rewriting), e.g. yourhelpdesk.com/incident/1
  • customizable email notifications and email templates
  • automated email-to-incident conversion
  • support for all major browsers
  • adjustable time-zone
  • building your own reports using client and server side Java Script
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