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What Type Of Roles Can Be Granted To Users

By default, Polar help desk 5 application have five types of roles that any ITIL implementing service support department should have and can be granted to users or group of users:

  • Administrator - this role allows network administrator to set up new users, create any number of roles, give users any set of permissions and modify system configurations as needed. The role of Polar help desk administrator differs from other roles in such way that it can not be deleted or changed.
  • Support Representative - a user who is responsible for analyzing and resolving incidents. Usually a support representatives can deal only with incidents/tickets and knowledge base. They can create incidents on behalf of customers and manage them.
  • Contact User - your registered customer submitting incidents and adding notes and attachments to them. This role allows users to submit incidents and track them through completion…
  • Manager - a role for the support managerial staff. It enables managers to report on the efficiency of their technical staff, view reports etc. Same as technicians and can manage users and update their roles.
  • Anonymous - a user that is not registered, but can submit incidents and search knowledge base.
  • System
What is a Role? Who is responsible for Roles?
How many different roles a company can have? What types of roles can be granted to users?
How can I view existing roles? How can I sort roles?
How can I create a new role?
How do I set permissions for a role?
How can I modify an existing role? Can I copy settings from one role to another?
Can I delete a role? How do I add teams to a role?
How can I add accounts to a role? How can I delete/remove accounts from a role?
How can I add new team to a role? How can I delete/remove team from a role?